The PRACTICE fellowship is a three-stage program aimed at finding the most interesting ideas for improving the quality of public space in a specific place in Poland. In 2023 it is Gdańsk with the area of the intersection of Grunwaldzka Avenue and Kołobrzeska Street within the context of the surrounding area, located in the Gdańsk Oliwa district in the Przymorze area.

In the first stage, from all the submitted portfolios the fellowship Jury select up to 18 people. Those selected qualify for participation in the 2-day face-to-face, weekend workshops: ”Workshops with a Mentor”. The workshops will be conducted by: Piotr Lorens (Mentor, WA PG, the architect of the City of Gdańsk), Lucyna Nyka (WA PG), Rainer Mahlamäki (SAFA), Grzegorz Kidybiński (Olivia Centre), Iza Burda (WA PG), Jan Rubel (WA PW, K&A), Ewa Kuryłowicz (Chairman of the Foundation Council, K&A).

In the second stage, the extended Jury selects three best solutions developed during the workshops (individual or team). These three solutions are awarded monthly scholarships of PLN 2,000 each. The scholarship is to help develop the idea into an initial architectural concept. The Jury selects one winning project from the finalists.

The selected project is developed and improved in the period of 4 months. A scholarship of 10,000 PLN is awarded to support its development. Its authors – a designer or a team – work on the development of the project along with the cost estimate, work schedule, partners recruitment strategy and promotion strategy. The complete concept is presented in Gdańsk in autumn 2023.


The Jury of the PRACTICE Scholarship competition:
Dorota Szlachcic
Jakub Wacławek
Aleksandra Wasilkowska
Maciej Frąckowiak
Mirosław Nizio
Agnieszka Olędzka

The extended Jury:
Mentor: Piotr Lorens
Lecturers: Lucyna Nyka, Rainer Mahlamäki
Development executive: Grzegorz Kidybiński
Tutors: Ewa Kuryłowicz, Iza Burda, Jan Rubel, Gabriela Rembarz