Project Theory

The Theory competition promotes the most interesting texts about the relationship between architecture and culture. It seeks original diagnoses and new solutions. Works may be submitted in any form: a manifesto or essay, a presentation, an academic analysis or a letter. In the profession of architecture the ability to give your ideas form is particularly significant, and so an additional strength is original graphics (or those to which the rights are held) accompanying the content.

The competition Jury selects the best text from the submissions. The author, together with the Jury and the Foundation, work together throughout the process of editing and publishing the content, including translation into English, proofreading and illustration.

JURY 2021/22:

Ewa P. Porębska
Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka
Grzegorz Piątek
Jacek Purchla
Bogna Świątkowska
Marta A. Urbańska
Piotr Sarzyński